Direct Deposit Solutions Utilizing ACH

For direct deposit and other electronic payments, look beyond your bank.

InterceptEFT specializes in processing electronic transactions - and our services surpass the typical features and banker hours.

Offer convenience. Employees increasingly expect direct deposit - and they don't miss going to the bank on payday.

Integrate. InterceptEFT accepts files from nearly every accounting software solution. No software? Use our easy online file creation system.

Expand your options. Use electronic payments for billing and tax impound, tax and vendor payments, credit card processing and more.

Report and analyze. We offer advanced report options, continuous updates and multiple formats for easy reconciliation.

Feel secure. Our services use the safest and most secure means for moving money electronically.

Accomplishmore. Stressless. Process transactions outside of bank hours. Move funds safely, quickly and accurately. Reduce manual entry. Run your business without stressing about processing issues.

Let InterceptEFT streamline your electronic transactions using our state-of-the-art systems, expertise and industry knowledge.

Updated 05/10/2011