About Us

Kotapay, specializes in processing electronic transactions. For over 25 years, we have provided fast, accurate electronic transaction services to more than 74,000 companies. Our premium services, features, detailed reporting and flexibility set us apart.

Behind the scenes of an electronic transaction, multiple financial institutions, including the Federal Reserve Bank, form a complex network to ensure the movement of funds. Kotapay seamlessly manages the transactions, to ensure your funds reach their intended destination.

In April 2018, we joined First International Bank & Trust. Today´s regulatory landscape and the changing needs of the payments industry are best met with the resources only a financial institution can provide. Kotapay now brings even more efficiency and security to your transactions. Kotapay is uniquely situated to manage your electronic payments through advanced BSA/AML, risk mitigation metrics and expanded product offerings.

The name Kotapay was chosen based on our connection to North Dakota and our sense of pride for the northern prairie. We wanted to embrace this new beginning, and to take all that is great about our company and launch with a name that allowed us to grow beyond traditional EFT (electronic funds transfer) services.

Partner with a proven and trusted industry leader. Choose Kotapay.