ACH Bind™

ACH Bind was developed as a management tool for financial institutions processing and originating ACH transactions. Combining the capability of converting files to standard NACHA format with editing functionality, ACH Bind is your one stop solution for efficiently managing your ACH portfolio. By incorporating ACH Bind with ACH for the PC, you can effectively market and present your ach solution to your corporate customers. This will not only assist you in retaining your customers, but can also make your financial institution more competitive and attractive to potential customers.


  • ACH Bind with ACH for the PC is much more secure than a one-part system. ACH for the PC encrypts the information so that the information will be useful only to ACH Bind.
  • ACH Bind protects your banking relationships with your customers.
  • ACH Bind prevents the conflicts among legal file ID modifiers and other internal file parameters which inevitably arise in one-part systems. If you don't avoid these conflicts, the ACH will likely reject your file. Such rejections will result in unnecessary costs to your financial institution and, in the case of a rejected payroll file, a lot of unhappy people.
  • ACH Bind consolidates all ACH files for a given date into a single file. Therefore, the ACH will charge your financial institution for one file rather than many.
  • ACH Bind optionally splits out your on-us transactions which will eliminate the fees the ACH would normally charge you for originating and receiving those transactions. And, by splitting your on-us transactions, you can move internal transactions much quicker, thus giving you the chance to spot potential problems much sooner.
  • ACH Bind allows you to verify, review and approve transactions before sending them to the ACH.
  • ACH Bind allows you to either warehouse your ACH credits and your ACH debits separately by effective entry date or warehouse your credits/debits together by transmission date.
  • ACH Bind can create two types of ACH files. One type works with systems that use CR/LF characters at the end of each record, while our "streaming" ACH files work with systems that don't use the CR/LF characters at the end of each record.
  • ACH Bind writes reports of varying detail either to your screen or to a printer. Whether or not you've already originated it, you'll always be able to check the contents of an ACH file.
  • ACH Bind accepts two types of files. One is the encrypted file written by ACH for the PC (or any other Kotapay product) or a file already in the standard NACHA format. If you receive a file already in standard NACHA format, simply load it into ACH Bind.

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