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Are you concerned about transmitting account information over the internet?

Today's business environment has seen a migration towards utilizing the web for most business activities. Many businesses would like to process their ACH information over the web, but with fraud and identity theft becoming more prevalent, they are reluctant to make the change.

Kotapay realizes this is a problem that is here to stay, and we have a solution. BankEFT was created to ease the concerns associated with transmitting information online. Utilizing a secure SSL server for the creation, transmission and retrieval of ACH information eliminates the risk of someone stealing account information from an email. Customers are able to create or upload ACH files with the comfort of knowing their private information is secure.


  • Online entry
  • Bank branding
  • Encrypted files
  • Secure SSL server
  • Multiple report formats
  • No software installation
  • Big bank service at small bank cost
  • Internet creation, transmission and retrieval