Software FAQ

This page contains frequently asked questions to issues that may arise using Kotapay's software. If your question is not represented or doesn't answer your question, please contact us. When you call or email please make sure to have your programs serial number.
When I log in with DEFAULT as my user ID and PASSWORD as my password, I get a message saying either my USER ID or PASSWORD is invalid?

I encounter an error that states ERROR 13/Alias not found. How do I resolve this?

What do I do when the tables get corrupted or I think that my data is corrupt?

An error message occurs on FEDLINE that has to do with the date?

My receivers do not show up in the "Multi-Add" screen and I can not add them to the batch?

When I go to write the file, it does not appear in the "Write ACH File" window?

I receive an error in regard to my user preferences or I get an operator mismatch error?

When I create a new user and log into the program with the new USER ID and PASSWORD, I cannot access anything but Originator Maintenance?

In Novell, I write my file and the program does not do anything and I get a spinning hourglass?