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Managing Risk during this Uncertain Time

Managing Risk during this Uncertain Time

March 20th, 2020

We are all navigating through uncharted waters with COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and its impact on businesses. I want to assure you that we have taken measures to continue business as usual with some team members working remotely.

We realize that every industry will be impacted by COVID-19 and we are asking you to be extra cautious during this time of uncertainty. Make sure you are taking the necessary steps to know your customer and mitigate risk for your organization. Be mindful and consider whether you should take on new clients or if some of your existing clients should remain on direct deposit at this time. You know your customers, their industry, and their unique situations.

Are you concerned about client NSF’s? Ask yourself if this client is still a good candidate for direct deposit and will they have sufficient cash flow during this uncertain time? If not, a few things to consider:

  • Place clients on longer funding windows. A 5 day processing window ensures funds are collected before sending to employees.
  • Wire or Wire Drawdown. We will initiate the wire transfer on your behalf for next day settlement.
  • Same Day ACH. The limits are increasing from $25,000 to $100,000 per transaction on Friday, March 20th.
  • Issue paper checks for the time being

Temporarily, we are offering a new prefunding solution for payroll that allows for cleared funds to be sent within a 4 day time period, similar to a 5 day window. What does that look like?

Premium 4 Day Window

Processor sends file to Kotapay by 10:00pm CT Kotapay pulls funds from the client’s account Hold Day Kotapay would be notified of any returns before releasing cleared payroll funds via Same Day ACH.

Funds would be available by 5:00pm local time.

What are the Benefits of the Premium 4 Day Window prefunding solution?

  • We are made aware of any returns before sending out the same day credits. We will then compare the payroll file with cleared funds and make any adjustments needed.
  • Compared to the 5 day window, this solution allows you an additional day to receive the payroll file from your client, send to us by 10pm CT, and get employees paid on payday

If you’re interested in the Premium 4 Day Window, please give us a call at 800-378-3328 and we’ll help get you started.

We are committed to providing uninterrupted processing and the same level of service you deserve and expect from us. Please let us know if we can help in any way. Thank you for the trust you’ve put in the team at Kotapay, we appreciate the opportunity to earn your business every day.

Kotapay Statement Regarding Coronavirus

Kotapay Statement Regarding Coronavirus

March 12th, 2020

Kotapay takes the well-being of our customers and employees seriously. With the growing concern over COVID-19 (Coronavirus), rest assured we’re taking the necessary steps to ensure the health of our employees and processing your transactions without interruption.

Kotapay is committed to providing you with the services you’ve come to expect and rely upon. We realize the critical and important role that Kotapay plays in processing transactions for you and your clients. We want to ensure you that we are taking the necessary steps to prepare in the event that Kotapay will need to operate with essential staff only. Kotapay’s contingency plan will go into effect which will provide for uninterrupted processing for you and clients by giving employees access to work remotely.

As of March 12th, the state of North Dakota has minimal cases of COVID-19 and Kotapay is encouraging employees to stay home when ill, wash their hands frequently, and have provided hand sanitizer at workstations. Additional measures in place include restricting unnecessary travel, practicing social distancing and enhancing our cleaning procedures. We are monitoring the situation closely and keeping in contact with State and Federal officials for guidance.

Below are a few links to the Centers for Disease Control to provide you with the most current information available.





Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Process Payroll with Confidence

Process Payroll with Confidence

September 13th, 2019

Kotapay, a leading ACH provider, has been specializing in direct deposit of payroll and electronic payment solutions for over 25 years. Kotapay is owned by First International Bank & Trust, an independent community bank since 1910, with over $3 billion in assets. First International Bank & Trust has 28 locations in Minnesota, Arizona, and North Dakota.

As a branch of a federally regulated financial institution, Kotapay is in a unique position to deliver payment solutions to companies while also providing the safety, soundness, and security only a bank can provide.

Kotapay has one of the most sophisticated, safest, and efficient payment systems in the industry. Transactions submitted to Kotapay are scanned through our internal fraud system, which identifies potentially fraudulent or unusual transactions. These transactions are then manually reviewed before being released into the ACH Network. Kotapay's internal underwriting, procedures, and adherence to NACHA Operating Rules ensure all approved payments get to their intended destination.

You need to do everything you can to protect your company from fraud. Ensure you work with a trusted payment processor.

Learn more about direct deposit or connect with a Kotapay Sales Representative.

Industry News

Money Transmitter Licensing: What You Need to Know

June 17th, 2019

An increasing number of states are taking a closer look at money transmission regulation and enforcing state statutes. The language within the recent enforcement actions implies that if a payroll processor holding any client funds, for any period of time and for any reason, they may be subject to money transmitter licensing requirements.

From our processing experience, the most common type of transaction that would trigger this requirement would be tax impound transactions, where a payroll processor is holding clients' tax monies in the processor's account until the taxes are due and then making payments on behalf of their client. This is just one example; the law covers all funds, not just taxes.

The process to become a licensed money transmitter is not only costly and burdensome, but it varies from state to state with each state having their own cost structure and application process. If you're doing business in more than one state, you may be required to get licensed in each state. In some states, the application fee alone could cost thousands of dollars.

As a division of First International Bank & Trust, a federally regulated financial institution, Kotapay is exempt from money transmission licensing regulations and is uniquely positioned to facilitate these transactions. Through the correct bank account structure with Kotapay, the payroll processor is removed from having access to client funds, thus relieving the money transmitter requirement for you, the processor.

If you would like more information, please contact a member of the Kotapay team.

This is not intended to be legal advice, but rather an update on current issues in our industry. Please consult your own legal counsel on how this may impact your company.

We Moved - Kotapay

Kotapay has moved!

June 1st, 2019

Kotapay recently made the move to a new location to accommodate our expanding fintech and bank family. Our new office is located just a few blocks south of our former location in Fargo, North Dakota.

At more than 13,500 square feet, the new space is now home to nearly 60 Kotapay and First International Bank & Trust staff members. Designed specifically for our needs, the office boasts new training and conference rooms with technology to keep us connected and to enhance collaboration. A video wall at the entrance has been installed to keep our visitors and staff up to date on our current plans, projects, and products.

Since becoming part of the bank last year, Kotapay has surpassed expectations in the value added to the bank and our customers. We now have the space needed as we work to build cutting edge payment solutions for our customers.