ISO Partnerships

Offer enhanced premium services to your clients. Enjoy seamless integration, convenient services and hassle-free processing.

Kotapay has formed ISO partnerships with leading service and software providers in several industries. We specialize in processing electronic transactions - and we offer more features and services, additional reports and greater flexibility than our competitors.

Turn to Kotapay for a variety of electronic transactions:

  • Direct Deposit: Provide convenient services for payroll, 1099 and child support payments.
  • Direct Payment: Enable easy, authorized electronic transactions between a customer's account and the billing company.
  • Credit Card Processing: Offer customers the convenience of debit and credit card payments.
  • Billing Impound: Collect fees while safely eliminating the cost and inconvenience of cash or check payments.
  • Tax Impound: Enjoy efficient collection of your clients' tax liabilities.
  • Tax Payments: Collect your clients' tax liabilities and pay the agencies directly.
  • Vendor Payments: Give clients a convenient payment option for their vendor obligations.
  • Net Pay: Collect your clients' net check amount for payroll.

Client-Focused: Offer new solutions and solidify client relationships.
Flexible: Integrate our services with your existing software, systems and file formats.
Secure: Complete transactions securely through our continuous monitoring of network and risk issues, including SSAE16 SOC1 compliance.

We have delivered comprehensive, hassle-free electronic transactions for over 20 years. Learn more about Kotapay.