Direct Deposit Utilizing ACH

Give employees easy access to funds on payday. Save time and costs as you process payroll and other employee payments.

Direct deposit from Kotapay uses ACH technologies to transfer funds into an employee's bank account for payroll and other types of remittances. We offer the features, reports and experience you're looking for. Trust in our industry and technology expertise that is unmatched.

In addition to payroll, organizations use our services for many of other employee-related transactions:

  • Business-to-Business payments
  • Commission & bonus payments
  • Expense reimbursements
  • Vendor payments
  • Annuities & dividend/interest payments
  • Receivables collection
  • 1099 payments
  • Tax payments
  • And more

Easy: Allow employees to deposit their pay in multiple accounts without a trip to the bank.
Efficient: Save reconciliation and processing time while streamlining payroll and tax reporting.
Secure: Use our latest technologies, security measures and standards for electronic transaction processing.