Xcelerated® Returns & Corrections

Utilize Kotapay's screening system in which transaction errors can be detected prior to the file being sent to the Federal Reserve System.

Xcelerated® Returns: Once your file is submitted to Kotapay, the routing and account numbers are run against Kotapay's database of previously returned ACH transactions. Transactions that match a previously returned item within the Xcelerated database will not be processed through the ACH network. Among the many benefits of Xcelerated Return database, you will get notification of a return much quicker than if the transaction was processed through the ACH network and then returned days later.

Xcelerated® Corrections: Once a company has received a Notification of Change (NOC) from the RDFI, Kotapay's database captures the corrected information. Subsequent transactions with the same transit information will be automatically corrected by Kotapay prior to being sent through the ACH network to the RDFI.